Search Engine Marketing Services

In the broadest sense, Search Engine Marketing and Optimization are closely related. The former drives traffic to your site through search engine ads like Google Adwords while the latter delivers organic traffic to your site for free. We like FREE!

The Search Engine Optimization services provided by MyDigitalForce will deliver traffic interested in what you have to say or sell. However, this will be supplemented by targeted Google Adwords campaigns, commercial advertisements on forum websites, and other sources such as social media sites that align with your budget, goals, and strategy. Have unique or excessive inventory? Let Mark develop a program to move it.

Mark Carey has written such effective content for previous employers that they actually “owned” the category without having to pay for advertising. This doesn’t happen overnight but it shows how a long-term strategy will deliver long-term results.

Competitive Advantage and Confidentiality GUARANTEED

Believing in quality over quantity, Mark Carey will spend the time necessary to learn what drives your unique business. That knowledge, combined with his digital marketing skills, should result in more web traffic, more customer interaction, more actionable leads and more business – for you!

Most of MyDigitalForces’ customers wish to remain anonymous. They don’t want their competitors to know they’ve retained a digital marketing expert and would rather keep them guessing!  Mark signs a Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement with every client and you will never see a client list on this website unless the client chooses to make a statement and approves the comment.